sharp and durable ca2994435a1 abrasive article incorporating for carbon iron

recent advances in ultraprecision abrasive machining

Recent advances in ultraprecision abrasive machining

Incorporating elements such as sulphur and chlorine in the monolayers of abrasive grit and workpiece material will certainly help to create the conditions where workpiece materials become locally brittle (promoting cutting interaction 1.1) and low temperature metal salts melt to create a lubricious film between abrasive grit and workpiece

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wo2012061033a2 - laser method for making shaped ceramic

WO2012061033A2 - Laser method for making shaped ceramic

Shaped ceramic abrasive particles producible by the methods and abrasive articles containing them are also disclosed. A method of making shaped ceramic abrasive particles includes cutting a layer of ceramic precursor material using a laser beam and forming shaped ceramic precursor particles.

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us20170037288a1 - abrasive particles and abrasive articles

US20170037288A1 - Abrasive Particles and Abrasive Articles

Pluralities of the shaped abrasive particles and coated abrasive articles including them are also disclosed. A ceramic shaped abrasive particle bounded by a base surface having a perimeter, contiguous sidewalls abutting the perimeter, and a multifaceted surface comprising contiguous facets.

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us5928070a - abrasive article comprising mullite - google patents

US5928070A - Abrasive article comprising mullite - Google Patents

abrasive article abrasive nonwoven web article according abrasive particles Prior art date 1997-05-30 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.) Expired - Fee Related Application number US08/866,285

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us3867795a - composite resinoid bonded abrasive wheels

US3867795A - Composite resinoid bonded abrasive wheels

Reinforced resin bonded abrasive depressed and straight center wheels for portable snagging grinders in which the thickness of each wheel comprises a primary abrading portion containing a superior, expensive, premium, fast cutting and durable cofused alumina-zirconia abrasive particles and an adjoining secondary abrading portion containing different, less costly, slower cutting abrasive

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wo2014022465a1 - abrasive articles with precisely shaped

WO2014022465A1 - Abrasive articles with precisely shaped

An abrasive article includes a first abrasive element, a second abrasive element, a resilient element having first and second major surfaces, and a carrier. The first element and the second abrasive element each comprises a first major surface and a second major surface.

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(pdf) the relations between mechanical strengths and abrasive

(PDF) The relations between mechanical strengths and abrasive

The relations between mechanical strengths and abrasive wear of concrete incorporating the hematite aggregate Article (PDF Available) in International Journal of Pavement Engineering 13(3):235-243

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oxide bonded silicon carbide | products & suppliers

Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide | Products & Suppliers

Description: Excel E is a high quality carbon-bonded silicon carbide crucible manufactured using the latest roller-forming techniques and incorporating a special multi-phase glaze protection system. This product range is designed for aluminium melting and holding applications. EXCEL E is

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