electroplated diamond grinding wheels and tools in norway

plated diamond wheels - continental diamond tool

Plated Diamond Wheels - Continental Diamond Tool

Having the right plated grinding wheel is a must for precision grinding, contouring, scoring, facing and internal or external grinding. Our diamond plated wheels offer many advantages over other options, including a more aggressive bond, lower initial costs, high performance and long-lasting durability for extended usage.

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diamond plated grinding wheels - sidley diamond tool

Diamond Plated Grinding Wheels - Sidley Diamond Tool

Diamond and CBN-plated grinding wheels have a significantly increased hardness, making them ideal for a wide variety of applications. This, in addition to lower requirements for pressure, makes them longer-lasting and more economical than standard abrasives.

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electroplated diamond grinding wheel | newdiamondtools

Electroplated Diamond Grinding Wheel | Newdiamondtools

2) Electrical & electronics industry: Electroplated diamond internal and external grinding wheel is the best tool for cutting hard and brittle materials such as a semiconductor. 3) Optical glass industry: Diamond grinding wheel for drill can directly drill out the round billets of the optical lens with various sizes from optical glass sheets.

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cubic boron nitride grinding wheels manufacturer, factory

Cubic Boron Nitride Grinding Wheels Manufacturer, Factory

supply Cubic Boron Nitride Grinding Wheels, are you looking for Electroplated Diamond and CBN Wheel? Jr Diamond Tools Co., Ltd is here.

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graff diamond and c.b.n electroplated tools

Graff Diamond and C.B.N Electroplated Tools

Electroplated super abrasive wheels and tools, have a single layer of abrasive (diamond or c.b.n) that is held into place on a preformed steel blank by using a hard nickle electroplating process. Unlike other types of bonding methods,(metal or resin bond), the abrasive is not buried within a matrix, but is exposed to approximately 50% of its

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roller diamond dressers, diamond dresser, manufacturer

Roller Diamond Dressers, Diamond Dresser, Manufacturer

Roller Diamond The diamonds are natural diamond stones , needle shaped or flat shape with a specially designed sintered bond. The equal dressing of grinding wheel is possible with these roller type diamond dressers with smooth surface finish.

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diamond and cbn wheels - jain precision tools


Diamond / CBN Grinding Wheels > Diamond and CBN Wheels : Diamond and CBN Wheels JPT produces Resin/ Metal Diamond Wheel that is used for maximum performance which reduces production time and increases profits. These wheels help in cutting and grinding various material efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.

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electroplated diamond grinding wheel with double rotating

Electroplated diamond grinding wheel with double rotating

Electroplated diamond wheel TRL convex with rotating probe to perform the groove on marble, stone and travertine with good material removal speed and finishing degree.

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