cutting elements comprising sensors, earth-boring tools in argentina

rocco difoggio inventions, patents and patent applications

Rocco DiFoggio Inventions, Patents and Patent Applications

Abstract: An earth-boring tool includes a cutting element comprising a hard material and at least one of a signal generator configured to provide an electromagnetic or acoustic signal to an interface between a surface of the hard material and a surface of a subterranean formation, and a sensor configured to receive an electromagnetic or acoustic signal from the interface.

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patents assigned to baker hughes incorporated justia

Patents Assigned to Baker Hughes Incorporated Justia

Abstract: Methods of making cutting elements for earth-boring tools may involve placing a powdered mixture into a mold. The powdered mixture may include a plurality of core particles comprising a diamond material and having an average diameter of between 1 ?m and 500 ?m, a coating material adhered to and covering at least a portion of an outer surface of each core particle of the plurality of

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rocco difoggio inventions, patents and patent applications

Rocco DiFoggio Inventions, Patents and Patent Applications

CUTTING ELEMENTS COMPRISING SENSORS, EARTH-BORING TOOLS COMPRISING SUCH CUTTING ELEMENTS, AND METHODS OF FORMING WELLBORES WITH SUCH TOOLS. Publication number: 20180258707 Abstract: An earth-boring tool includes a cutting element comprising a hard material and at least one of a signal generator configured to provide an electromagnetic or

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tu trinh patents

Tu Trinh Patents

01/14/16 20160010395 Cutting elements comprising sensors, earth-boring tools having such sensors, and associated methods A cutting element for an earth-boring tool includes a body having a longitudinal axis, a generally planar volume of hard material carried by the body, and a sensor

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us9016406b2 cutting inserts for earth-boring bits

US9016406B2 Cutting inserts for earth-boring bits

A cutting insert for an earth-boring bit comprises a cemented carbide material. The cemented carbide material comprises a plurality of tungsten carbide grains, and a plurality of cubic carbide grains comprising at least one of titanium carbide, vanadium carbide, zirconium carbide, hafnium carbide, niobium carbide, tantalum carbide, mixtures thereof, and solid solutions thereof.

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downhole drill bit incorporating cutting elements of

Downhole Drill Bit Incorporating Cutting Elements of

Sep 13, 2018· A plurality of pointed cutting elements 622 on a first blade and a plurality of shear cutting elements 642 on a second blade may comprise different intended cutting paths so that the drilling operation may have an increase in efficiency than if the cutting elements had the same cutting paths. Having cutting elements positioned on the blades at

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wo2009152337a2 multi-resolution borehole profiling

WO2009152337A2 Multi-resolution borehole profiling

Cutting elements for earth-boring tools, earth-boring tools including such cutting elements, and methods of forming cutting elements for earth-boring tools US9103196B2 (en) * 2010-08-03: 2015-08-11: Baker Hughes Incorporated: Pipelined pulse-echo scheme for an acoustic image tool for use downhole MX2013003776A (en)

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chris cheng manager cnpc usa linkedin

Chris Cheng Manager CNPC USA LinkedIn

Methods for forming earth-boring tools having cutting elements mounted in cutting element pockets and tools formed by such methods Issued June 19, 2018 United States 10,000,974

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earth-boring traduction en français exemples anglais

earth-boring Traduction en français exemples anglais

Sensor-enabled cutting elements for an earth-boring drilling tool may comprise a substrate base, and a cutting tip at an end of the substrate base. Des éléments de coupe activés par un capteur, pour un outil de forage,peuvent comprendre une base de substrat, et une tête de coupe à une extrémité de la base de substrat.

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drill bit system saudi arabian oil company

DRILL BIT SYSTEM Saudi Arabian Oil Company

Nov 21, 2019· 13. A drill bit system comprising: a drill bit comprising a drill bit body that is connectable to a drill string, the drill bit body comprising at least one blade, the at least one blade comprising cutting elements; and at least one wear sensor associated with

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phoenix contact portable stripping and crimping device

PHOENIX CONTACT Portable stripping and crimping device

The Crimphandy is the smallest available hand-held stripping and crimping device. The device lets you fabricate your conductors in just two seconds. The Crimphandy takes care of stripping, applying ferrules and crimping in one step.

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transforming clinical trials with the power of ai

Transforming Clinical Trials with the Power of AI

Developing prescription drugs is a high-cost, high-risk endeavor. Average research and development for an approved prescription drug requires an investment of $2.9 billion and takes more than 11 years.Clinical trials alone can cost an average of $1.1 billion over 6.6 years.In fact, clinical trials account for a staggering 40 percent of the pharmaceutical industry’s research budget.

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overcoming bottlenecks on either side of industry 4.0

Overcoming bottlenecks on either side of Industry 4.0

The key elements are digitization and connectivity. Using sensors that measure inputs and outputs, creating subsystems that turn those inputs and outputs into a digital information stream, and making that stream of information available and accessible in a connected system is the basis of Industry 4.0.

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manufactured housing market seeking excellent growth

Manufactured Housing Market Seeking Excellent Growth

Jul 10, 2020· The report is assembled to comprise each qualitative and quantitative elements of the industry facts including: market share, market size (value and volume 2014-19, and forecast to 2025) which admire each countries concerned in the competitive examination.

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monolithic magnetic hall sensor ics using dynamic

Monolithic Magnetic Hall Sensor ICs Using Dynamic

where S v is the Hall element sensitivity per unit supply voltage. The sensitivity given by V H ⁄B × V s [T-1], where T (tesla; 1 T = 1 × 10 4 gauss) is the meter-kilogram-second (mks) unit for magnetic flux density (induction), is approximately a constant parameter, depending only on the Si layer mobility and the plate and contact geometries. Typical values of S v range between 0.04 and 0

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valery khabashesku professor dr. chemistry rice

Valery KHABASHESKU Professor Dr. Chemistry Rice

Polycrystalline Diamond Compacts Having a Microstructure Including Nanodiamond Agglomerates, Cutting Elements and Earth-Boring Tools Including Such

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liebherr tower cranes: building with concrete modules made

Liebherr Tower Cranes: Building with concrete modules made

Another advantage was the size of the tower crane elements: “The size of the tower sections of 2.4 x 2.4 metres made transport easier without increasing costs and also reduced the space requirement on the site. We will certainly consider using these cranes again in the future if

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detecting biothreat agents: from current diagnostics to

Detecting Biothreat Agents: From Current Diagnostics to

Although a fundamental understanding of the pathogenicity of most biothreat agents has been elucidated and available treatments have increased substantially over the past decades, they still represent a significant public health threat in this age of (bio)terrorism, indiscriminate warfare, pollution, climate change, unchecked population growth, and globalization.

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eo-1 eoportal directory satellite missions

EO-1 eoPortal Directory Satellite Missions

EO-1 (Earth Observing-1) Spacecraft Launch Sensor Complement Demonstration of new technologies Mission Status References. EO-1 is a technology demonstration mission in NASA's NMP (New Millennium Program) Earth science program (a Landsat-7 follow-up) with the overall objectives to perform Landsat-like measurements and to explore new remote sensing technologies (instruments,

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spear and jackson garden & hand tools

Spear and Jackson Garden & Hand Tools

Established over 100 years ago in 1909 the Eclipse brand is recognised worldwide as the professionals’ choice for metal cutting and machinery workshop tools. Comprising market leading ranges of hand and power hacksaw blades, small saw blades and hacksaw frames, over the years the brand has expanded to include full ranges of Eclipse engineer

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iso group fsc federal supply class

ISO Group FSC Federal Supply Class

FEDERAL SUPPLY CLASS (FSC). A four-digit code that is a commodity classification divided into homogenous groups and classes, designed to serve the functions of supply and is sufficiently comprehensive in scope to permit the classification of all items of personal property.

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center pivot irrigation

Center pivot irrigation

Center pivot irrigation is a form of overhead sprinkler irrigation consisting of several segments of pipe (usually galvanized steel or aluminum) with sprinklers positioned along their length, joined together and supported by trusses, and mounted on wheeled towers. The machine moves in a circular pattern and is fed with water from the pivot point at the center of the circle.

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shanghai, shanghai, china air quality index accuweather

Shanghai, Shanghai, China Air Quality Index AccuWeather

Localized Air Quality Index and forecast for Shanghai, Shanghai, China. Track air pollution now to help plan your day and make healthier lifestyle decisions.

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gain a decisive advantage with cutting-edge technologies

Gain a decisive advantage with cutting-edge technologies

In an industrial environment, motors, drives, controllers and sensors supply data in a large amount (Big Data) which are processed locally (e.g. via edge computing) or in a cloud. The volume and the quality of the collected data and our Managed Services make sure that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is adapted to your individual requirements.

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