premium garnet the best abrasive garnet for your in vietnam

garnet premium

Garnet Premium

This tough abrasive material in a reddish tone is produced as a result of crushing rocks. Due to it’s sharpness Premium guaranties the best cutting quality with thick materials therefore it’s the most universal garnet among our abrasives.

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garnet premium | about premium garnet

Garnet Premium | About Premium Garnet

Garnet Premium is a leading supplier of garnet abrasive for waterjet cutting and waterblasting machines. As one of few internationally recognised suppliers we guarantee stable, regular deliveries of the highest quality garnet abrasive regardless of the situation on the global market.

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garnet premium | garnet premium rock

Garnet Premium | Garnet Premium Rock

Premium Rock is a sharp and tough abrasive material in a reddish tone. It is produced as a result of crushing rocks. The mineral is chosen and processed into a product of the highest standard. It works best as a waterjet abrasive medium. It’s hardness is tied to garnet’s mineral structure and hence it gives a high durability.

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garnet premium | garnet standard

Garnet Premium | Garnet Standard

A wide variety of industrial blasting applications uses an abrasive garnet. If you’re about to cut tough materials such as metal or stone you’ll add an abrasive. Above all, cutting and blasting are our speciality. Our garnets perform the best as waterjet and blasting media.

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gma garnet premium blasting abrasive supplier bulk truck

GMA Garnet Premium Blasting Abrasive Supplier Bulk Truck

The best abrasive blasting garnet in the world comes from GMA and is unique compared with all other known deposits in the world. Scientific testing proves it’s cleaner to use and it’s guaranteed purity will extend the life of the applied coating. Contaminated abrasives leave a dirty surface, limiting coating life.

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garnet premium | garnet premium alluvial

Garnet Premium | Garnet Premium Alluvial

Premium Alluvial is a sand in a pink hue, it’s grains has rounded edges. Above all alluvial is best known for it’s hardness and durability, hence it is the best garnet if you plan it’s reusage. It works likewise great as an abrasive blasting medium.

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gma premium blast | best for removing medium coatings & heavy

GMA Premium Blast | Best for Removing Medium Coatings & Heavy

GMA PremiumBlast TM is our “all round”, maintenance grade garnet that delivers the most efficient and cost-effective abrasive, ideal for the removal of medium to heavy rust and medium to thick industrial coatings. It is recognised as the most popular, industry standard garnet abrasive amongst manufacturers’ globally.

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garnet and waterjet abrasive | shape mined materials

Garnet and Waterjet Abrasive | Shape Mined Materials

When you match your waterjet abrasive to your cut part needs, material, edge quality requirements and desired performance, you’re making a smart choice for your business. Maybe you’re cutting material with lower part tolerances, and speed is your main goal – or perhaps you’re cutting highly, accurate parts where little secondary

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