high efficient metal 1v1 diamond and cbn coated abrasive wheel with long life

19 how to dress diamond & cbn metal bonded grinding wheels

19 How to Dress Diamond & CBN Metal Bonded Grinding Wheels

At present, grinding processing with superhard fine abrasive wheel( diamond grinding wheel and CBN grinding wheel) is high precision and high efficient method for hard and brittle materials. The metal bond grinding wheel features strong abrasive holding force, high bonding strength, good wear resistance, long service life, and can withstand

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diamond cbn centerless grinding wheels | newdiamondtools

Diamond CBN Centerless Grinding Wheels | Newdiamondtools

Abrasives are diamond or CBN. The types of bond are resin, vitrified and metal bond. With high efficiency, high precision and long life of diamond or CBN centerless grinding wheel, it is suitable for a large batch of automatic pipe, rod, and trap for external grinding.

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superabrasive diamond grinding wheels supplier | newdiamondtools

Superabrasive Diamond Grinding Wheels Supplier | Newdiamondtools

Good rigidity and high strength. Good wear resistance and long service life. Good shape retention and can bear a heavy load. Applications: Mainly used in rough and finish grinding glass, optical lens glass, ceramics, semiconductor materials, superhard materials, and other non-metallic materials, and few used for rough grinding and molding grinding cemented carbide.

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superabrasive resin & metal bond - abrasive technology

Superabrasive RESIN & METAL BOND - Abrasive Technology

Nickel coated cBN. Most popular cBN abrasive used with the resin bond system. Well suited for most light to medium duty applications. Nickel coated semi-friable cBN. Used for heavy-duty applications where extra long wheel life or fine surface finish is required. Diamond and cBN Sizing Chart Mesh Size FEPA Designation Avg. Size (Inches) Avg

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diamond wheels pcd - cbn wheels

Diamond Wheels PCD - CBN Wheels

Diamond / CBN Bonded Tools and Wheels. Super Abrasives Diamond PCD Abrasive Produts; 11V9 Flared CBN Cubic Boron Nitride Cup Wheel Section; 12V9 Diamond Dish Wheel Section; 1A1 Straight CBN Cubic Boron Nitride Grinding Wheels; 1A1 Straight Diamond Wheels; 1A1R CBN Cubic Boron Nitride Cut Off Wheel Section; D11A2 Diamond Cup Wheel Section; D12A2

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cbn/diamond coated abrasives, cbn/diamond pastes

CBN/Diamond Coated Abrasives, CBN/Diamond Pastes

CBN/Diamond Coated Abrasives, CBN/Diamond Pastes are used in lapping and polishing for achieving the finest surface finish (Ra = 0,08-0,02 um).

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3m diamond & cbn tools

3M Diamond & CBN Tools

Grinding tools with diamond or CBN abrasive grit generally consist of an abrasive coating of grit and bonding material which are applied to a core or wheel body. For optimal grinding performances, the abrasive grit and bond must be matched so that the abrasive grit are held in the bonding material as long as the grit still has or can form

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vitrified bonded diamond grinding wheels supplier

Vitrified Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheels Supplier

Poor self-sharpening of the metal bond diamond grinding wheel causes low grinding efficiency and great damage to edges of polycrystalline diamond, Cubic Boron Nitride inserts. Resin bond has good self-sharpening, but the holding of abrasive grains is small, so its processing efficiency is low and mostly used in finish polishing.

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