durable and sharp sic macro bonded kowa abrasive for metal and stainless steel

coated abrasive – kowa abrasive

Coated Abrasive – KOWA ABRASIVE

Coated abrasives is a three component system consisting of abrasive grains adhering to the semi-flex backing like paper, cloth, fibre, plastic film etc with the help of resin or glue bond. Coated Abrasive is manufactured as rolls which is then converted into different foams like belts, disc, flap disc, flap wheel & spindle mop, sheet & non

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application – kowa abrasive

Application – KOWA ABRASIVE

Bonded abrasives is a matrix of closed size abrasive grains pressed or moulded together with the help of vitrified, resinoid or rubber bonding material into a variety of shapes, like grinding wheel, honing stone etc. The matrix is fired at high temperature to provide a high strength bonding between the abrasive grains.

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products – kowa abrasive


KZA40 is a kind of fused Zirconia Alumina abrasive with the characteristic of high intensity, high toughness and high self-sharpness ability Applications: KZA40 is widely used in producing organic bonded grinding wheels where the rapid stock removal is required, it can be used to grind stainless steel, cast, titanium alloy and nickel alloy etc.

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about us – kowa abrasive


KGC-GPA can be used in refractory, ceramic and abrasive area, such as making vitrified bonded grinding wheels, resin bonded tools, to process cast iron, hard alloy, tatium alloy and high speed steel. As loose grains, it is widely used for polishing none-metal material like ceramic, glass, stone, agates, jades and jewels.

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metallographic grinding and polishing insight | struers.com

Metallographic grinding and polishing insight | Struers.com

Silicon carbide, SIC, with a hardness of about 2,500 HV, is a widely used abrasive for grinding papers for mainly non-ferrous metals. Aluminium oxide, with a hardness of about 2,000 HV, is primarily used as an abrasive in grinding stones.

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metallographic abrasive grinding

Metallographic Abrasive Grinding

For metallographic preparation, SiC abrasives are used in abrasive blades and for coated abrasive grinding papers ranging from very coarse 60 grit to very fine 1200 grit sizes. Bonded or coated abrasive papers of SiC are designed so that the abrasive will have a large number of cutting points (negative abrasive rank angle).

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scale effects in abrasive wear of composite sol–gel alumina

Scale Effects in Abrasive Wear of Composite Sol–Gel Alumina

In this study, a polymer bond layer was incorporated between the chemically bonded composite sol–gel coating (CB-CSG) and stainless steel substrate to form sandwich structure coatings for

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process characteristics and interfacial microstructure

Process characteristics and interfacial microstructure

The welds were cross-sectioned using an abrasive saw and mounted with conductive compression mounting compound. The mounted samples were then polished with SiC sandpaper sequentially from 240 to 1200 fin. grit size, and further polished from 6 to 1 μm using microid diamond compound, and finally to 0.05 μm using colloidal silica.

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